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    CBLE blog post 2

    February 29, 2016 by Tomrj45



    Talk about VLE

    QR Codes

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    CBLE Week 1

    February 7, 2016 by Tomrj45

    Learning is defined as:

    The acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.

    Why, and ideas for implementation of technology to teach.

    Technology over the course of history has changed dramatically, this can be implemented in a learning enviroment to either aid or direct learning. Objects such as "Smart boards" were designed to replace the old fashioned white board, this brought further interactivity and multitasking to the users - who are most likely teachers in schools - but more importantly the ability to switch between tasks and become more fluid in the classroom, thus making the standard lesson more worthwhile and memorable.

    While technology can be used to assist learning, with machines such as iPads and Comp…

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