• Seoul sewer odor
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  • Seoul sewer odor

    Sewage Odors in Seoul Korea


    Seoul Metropolitan Government is a big city with an area of 605.19 and a population of 10,413,000, and operates four water recycling centers that treat sewage of 4,390,000 per day with sewers extending 10,392.

    Sewers are operating under the Combined Sewer System with 9,104 (87.6%), Separate Sanitary & Stormwater Sewer System 820 (7.9%), and Collection Pipe Line of 468 (4.5%).

    Unlike other cities in foreign countries, Seoul has about 600,000 septic tanks, and an individual wastewater treatment system.

    This sewage treatment and conduit system are essential social infrastructure for the safety and pleasant lives of citizens, but they have created a sewage odor resulting in many public complaints, as well as disturbing t…

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