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CBLE: Week 1


Learning can be defines as: The activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something : the activity of someone who learns

There are four main types of learning:

- Visual

- Auditory

- Reading/Writing

- Kinesthetic  

Visuals learners prefer to learn from observation rather than listening or writing/reading. Teacher explaining a certain topic or working with videos/graphs/charts are good example of Visual learning.

Auditory learners prefer to learn by listening to others. For example listening to the teacher while working on a certain topic.

Reading/Writing learners prefer to learn by reading or writing. For example reading a book or writing notes. 

Kinesthetic learners prefer to learn by doing practical exercises. For example coding an actual program rather than learning the theory behind the code. 

Assignment Ideas: 

Basic Maths (most likely times table for children in primary school) 

Polish language for beginners (most likely useful sentences when visiting Poland for holidays)

Periodic Table of Elements 

Any topic I decide to go for will be made by using c# programming language. I have decided to use that particular language because I have used to many times in the past and I am experienced with it. 

Why CBLE? 

I have decided to choose CBLE as one of my modules to improve my leadership and teaching skills. I am a very bad teacher at this point because I get annoyed and frustrated really quickly so CBLE should be a good way of changing that. 

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