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I feel I do well in most of the professional attributes. I have been working in a professional school setting for three years. These attributes have become second nature for me. My strongest three professional attributes are technology, creativity, attendance. The one I feel I need to work one more is oral communication.

I love to be creative and use technology whenever I can in projects or presentations. It gives me more confidence in one of my weaker professional attributes, oral communication, so I can do well on the assignment. I always want to do thing new and creativity for an assignment. I want the class and the professor to enjoy it and learn from the presentation. This past summer I had a group assignment and we had to teach our imaginary class about a topic, fire drill routine. We would have done well with the just the poster and getting the class involved with ta practice drill, but I wanted to add some technology to it. I created a sample video of us demonstrating what to do and what not to do during a fire drill and everyone loved it. I am always on time to my classes. I get to class an hour early so I can go over notes and discuss with peers about work and school related things. I enjoy hearing their stories about work and their views and intakes about our classes. These discussions help me look at things in different perspectives on things. Sometimes I learn new things from my peers that I may have misunderstood in class.

I know I need to work on my oral communication. I have been doing very well; it is just that I know I can do better. I do not feel as comfortable speaking in front of adults as I do in front of children. Once I get over being nervous in the beginning of the presentation, I tend to do a lot better throughout the rest of it. I want to get better at starting out stronger in presentations so I can grab the audience’s attention from the start.

I feel this program is doing an excellent job preparing us for teaching. The professional attributes should be enforced more so that we know what to expect in the real world. I believe everyone should find their weakest professional attribute and work on it to become even more professional.

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