Dec. 22, 2010

Wed. evening

Lastnight I decided to write a Xmas letter to Sega! Dang I love that place, and it's my dream to meet the Sonic Team!!!! :D Ahem *Couph Couph* anyways, uh, so I drew a picture of Sonic and a Wisp..Wisp's are the funky fellas found on this page. take a look!

And so I wrote a letter to them saying Merry Christmas and yaddah yaddah and also how much great work and progress they have made this year mmhmm! Yes indeed. Sonic Colors is a big hit game. To bad I don't have it. And I hope I get a wii for xmas.

So yeah I checked my mailbox when I got home from school today, and THE LETTER WASNT THERE! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS??! IT"S ON ITS WAY TO CALIFORNIA, BABY!! WOOHOO!!!

So yeah...starting a new question/survey thing of the week!

Heres how it works: 1. NO offending others. Their opinions are their own and they can express it the way they want! FREEDOM!

2. give it your best. Maybe one of you creative comments/answers will be posted on my blog.

3. Be fair, be fun, be creative. post your answers in the comments!

  1. 1 Which Wisp race/kind (kinds here) would you want to be? Leave a link to the picture

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