Dec. 26

Sunday Afternoon

It's the day after xmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE! :) I sure had a fun one. Presents?....lets see.....I got this big ass jewlery box, a Wii WITH SONIC COLORS!!!!!! I played that pretty fun. I Got some Sonic Action Figures there pretty cool. I also got a new cockatiel from my grandma! I've wanted one for ever!! He's so sweet....and loud...

His name is Sam n_n I wanted to name him Ichigo one because in Japanese it means 'he who protects' and 'strawberry!'...HOW CUTE IS THAT?! XD Any way nobody liked that name becuase they said it was foriegn (who fricken cares-_-) and everyone else thought it was stupid. So it came out to Sam...which I guess is cool too.........hmmm....WHO WANTS STRAWBERRIES!!!???

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