• Brittany72

    Dec. 30

    Thursday Afternoon

    It's been a while since I've blogged. I don't even know how long...2..3 days? hmm anyway My sister and my mom have been sick so i've been lookin out. I've also been lpaying Sonic Colors like, non stop...LOL. It's a really fun game! I actually finished it within two days after I got it. It was really awesome. I love Sonic and Tails' new voice actors. Dispite the fact that Tails still has a girl vioce....Their voices are waaaaay better than before! Really Cool.

    Today I noticed a huge difference in the DS version of Sonic Colors, and the Wii version of Sonic Colors. I've never played the DS version and probably never will *SPOILERS* for the reason there are less Wisps in that version, it has all the characters in the s…

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  • Brittany72


    December 26, 2010 by Brittany72

    Dec. 26

    Sunday Afternoon

    It's the day after xmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE! :) I sure had a fun one. Presents?....lets see.....I got this big ass jewlery box, a Wii WITH SONIC COLORS!!!!!! I played that pretty fun. I Got some Sonic Action Figures there pretty cool. I also got a new cockatiel from my grandma! I've wanted one for ever!! He's so sweet....and loud...

    His name is Sam n_n I wanted to name him Ichigo one because in Japanese it means 'he who protects' and 'strawberry!'...HOW CUTE IS THAT?! XD Any way nobody liked that name becuase they said it was foriegn (who fricken cares-_-) and everyone else thought it was stupid. So it came out to Sam...which I guess is cool too.........hmmm....WHO WANTS STRAWBERRIES!!!???

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    thurs. evening

    It's the first day of winter break and so far...IT SUX! XD I was so bored today. Nothing to do except for fixing my PS2. The disk doesn't turn in the system, but the whole deal works. So I just gave up for the day. Ima let my dada fix it.

    My brothers bday is tomarrow and it's xmas eve. WOOHOO! XDDD X3 Which means sat. is prezy time!!! sorry...

    Anyway if anyone knows any way to fix my PS2 lemme know!

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    Merry Christmas SEGA

    December 22, 2010 by Brittany72

    Dec. 22, 2010

    Wed. evening

    Lastnight I decided to write a Xmas letter to Sega! Dang I love that place, and it's my dream to meet the Sonic Team!!!! :D Ahem *Couph Couph* anyways, uh, so I drew a picture of Sonic and a Wisp..Wisp's are the funky fellas found on this page. take a look!

    And so I wrote a letter to them saying Merry Christmas and yaddah yaddah and also how much great work and progress they have made this year mmhmm! Yes indeed. Sonic Colors is a big hit game. To bad I don't have it. And I hope I get a wii for xmas.

    So yeah I checked my mailbox when I got home from school today, and THE LETTER WASNT THERE! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS??! IT"S ON ITS WAY TO CALIFORNIA, BABY!! WOOHOO!!!

    So yeah...starting a new question/survey thing of the …

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