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New Beginnings Arc: Edit

Note - This is not to be taken seriously it's just something like a new story line after Naruto:Boruto the Movie so all credit goes to author and creator of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden/Masashi Kishimoto.

Multipliers: Edit

Byakugan = x1.5

Sharingan (1 Tomoe) = x1.1

Sharingan (2 Tomoe) = x1.2

Sharingan (3 Tomoe) = x1.3

Curse Mark (V1) = 1.25

Curse Mark (Full) = 1.5

Angry = x1.15

Kyubbi Influence = x1.25

1 Tail Cloak = x1.5

2 Tail Cloak = x2

3 Tail Cloak = x2.25

4 Tails = x4

6 Tails = x5.25

8 Tails = x6.5

9 Tails = x7

Sage/Sennin Mode = x8

Kyubbi Sage Mode = x8.25

Kyubbi Chakra Mode (Unmastered) = x8.5

Kyubbi Chakra Mode (Mastered) = x9

Bijju Mode = x12

Kurama Mode = x15

Six Paths Sage Mode = x20

Mangekyo Sharingan (1 Eye) = x1.5

Full Mangekyo Sharingan = x2

Susanno (Limbs & Bones) = x1.75

Imperfect Susanno = x2.25

Perfect Susanno = x2.75

New Beginnings: Edit

Zeno (Son of Boruto & Sarada) = 43.3

Enzo (Lost Child of Boruto) = 60.44

Jewel (Daughter of Ino) = 40.05

Jewel ~ Did everyone hear about the Chunin Exams coming up?

Zeno ~ Yeah! Im gonna win and become the greatest ninja ever!

Enzo ~ Shut it...bootlicker...

Zeno ~ Hey who ya callin-

Jewel ~ Alright zip it both of you!

Zeno & Enzo ~ Fine...

Zeno ~ Well we should train for the exams...

Jewel ~ You right about that...lets go!

Fruits of Training Part I: Edit

Two Weeks Till Exams... Edit

Zeno (Post Training) = 52.3

Zeno ~ sure lonely with no one fight...I know ill go to Grand Kakashi's place!

Minutes Later...

Zeno ~ Grandpa Kakashi!

Kakashi (Old) ~ You know I hate that name...and hello to you to Zeno

Zeno ~ Yo! Hey do you mind training me a bit for the Chunin Exams ?

Kakashi (Old) ~ Sure whatever...

Old Kakashi (Surpressed) = 70.25

Kakashi ~ Show me your full power...don't hold back

Zeno ~ Right!

Zeno (2 Tomoe Sharingan) = 62.76

Zeno ~ Fire Style:Fireball Jutsu!

Kakashi ~ Almost got me there...

6 Days Later... Edit

Zeno (Kakashi Training) = 87.5

Enzo ~ Hey loser...we've been looking for you all day

Jewel ~ We have been worried sick about you!

Zeno ~ Sorry...I just been training with Kakashi

Jewel ~ Oh...well i guess that means you got stronger

Enzo ~ Not stronger than me...

Zeno ~ Oh shut it

The Chunin Exams! First Round! Edit

Two Weeks Later...

Zeno (Post Kakashi Training) = 136.8

Enzo (Post Training) = 138

Jewel (Post Training) = 124.32

Announcer ~ Alright ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Chunin Exams where students enter they fight and hopefully get to the next level of ninja!... *croud cheers* The first match of the day with be the ninja from Team X...Zeno Uzumaki! *cheering continues* He will be facing against the opponent from Team 12...Orochimaru The III! Everybody knows the!

Orochimaru III = 168.05

Zeno (2 Tomoe Sharingan) = 164.16

Zeno ~ Here I come! *zoom*

Orochimaru III ~ *blocked* Your fast...but not that fast

Zeno ~ Grr...

Zeno ~ Wood Style:Wood Temple!

Orochimaru III ~ Earth Style:Mud Wall!

Zeno ~ (He blocked Wood Style?!)

After 6 minutes of raw battle... Edit

Orochimaru (Curse Mark V1) = 210.01

Zeno (Tired + Sharingan 2) = 153.7

Jewel ~( Zeno...)

Enzo ~ (Come on Zeno...)

Orochimaru III ~ Just give up you can't win...

Zeno ~ Never...I'll never ever give up to you!

Zeno (Slight Kyubbi Chakra) = 192.1

Zeno ~ Now im serious!

Zeno (Kyubbi Influence) = 223

Zeno ~ Shadow Clone Jutsu! *poof*

Orochimaru III ~ Where is all this power coming from?! Wait...whats that jutsu? Is that the...Legendary Rasengan?

Zeno (Vermillion Rasengan) = 250

Zeno ~ Argh!!! Rasengan!!!

Orochimaru III ~ Agh! No!!!

Zeno Uzumaki Wins!!! Edit

Enzo's New Technique: Edit

Enzo (Slight Chakra Training) = 142.4

Metal Lee Jr. = 150

Enzo ~ Well you seem strong but that suit makes me not take you seriously.

Metal Lee Jr. ~ Do not mock me! I am the grandson of Rock Lee so you should know fighting me will not be easy!

Enzo ~ Whatever...

Metal Lee Jr. (Leaf Hurricane) = 220

Enzo ~ I have to dodge that!

Enzo (Byakugan) = 213.3

Enzo ~ I dodged it!

The Fight Roars On... Edit

Metal Lee Jr. ~ Thats it! No more playing around! ARGH!!! 3 Gates of Life...Open!

Metal Lee Jr. (3 Gates of Life) = 450

Enzo ~ Agh! The hell!

Enzo (8 Trigrams 64 Palms) = 288

Metal Lee Jr. ~ Agh!

Metal Lee Jr. (Chakra Disabled) = 67.8

Enzo ~ Time to finish this! Chidori! One Thousand Birds!

Zeno ~ (Chidori...isn't that the ninja Sasuke's primary jutsu?)

Flashback: Edit

Sasuke (Chunin + Curse Mark Full) = 325

Naruto (Chunin + One Tail Cloak) = 320

Sasuke ~ Chidori!

Naruto ~ Rasengan!

Naruto (Vermillion Rasengan) = 432

Sasuke (Black Chidori) = 438.75

Flashback End... Edit

Enzo (Chidori One Thousand Birds) = 309

Metal Lee Jr. ~ NO! I Lost!

Enzo Wins! Edit

Zeno's Future Edit

After the last round the contestants were told they had another 5 days to rest and train for the finals and so Zeno...Enzo...And Jewel did what they were told but on the way back to the Ninja Academy Zeno had a strange vision.

Zeno (Rested) = 152.2

Jewel = 139

Enzo (Still Tired) = 143

Zeno ~ Guys somethings feels strange...

Jewel ~ Well what is it?

Enzo ~ Yeah...

Zeno ~ I don't know...something just does feel ri- *Vision Starts*

Vision of the Future: Edit

(Zeno ~ What tha...wait who's those people?)

??? ~ Come on let's beat them senseless!

??? ~ Right!

(Zeno ~ Who are those guys?)

??? ~ Stop being so clumsy Zeno!

??? ~ Shut up i'm a better fighter than you anyway Enzo!

(Zeno ~ What?!)

Teen Zeno = 840

Teen Enzo = 902

Hidden Mist Shinobi = 500 - 1.350

Teen Zeno (Sharingan 3) = 1.092

Teen Enzo (Byakugan) = 1.353

Zeno ~ Enzo hold them off I wanna try a new technique

Enzo ~ Right gotcha!

4 Minutes Later... Edit

Zeno ~ Done...sorry it took so long

Teen Zeno (Sage Mode + Sharingan 3) = 8.769

Zeno ~ Lets do this!

Vision Ends... Edit

Zeno ~ Woah...I need to get home and train ill see you guys later!

Jewel and Enzo ~ Bye...

2 Hours Later... Edit

Zeno (Jinkuriki Training) = 168

Sage of Six Paths/Hagoromo = 20.000

Ashura and Indra Otsutsuki = 16.000 & 17.000

Hagoromo ~ Young Zeno...the journey ahead of you will be a difficult once especally because your in both the Uchiha and Uzumaki so because of this I will grant you the Six Paths Chakra...

Zeno ~ At such a young age? for real?!

Hagoromo ~ Yes...but you must be the one to master such a powerful technique

Zeno ~ I will.

Hagoromo ~ Ok then...hold up your dominent hand

Zeno ~ *raises right hand*

Hagoromo ~ I now give you the Six Paths Sage Chakra...use it well...Great-Great Grandson...

Zeno (Chakra Awakened + Six Paths Chakra) = 640

Enzo ~ Hey loser I got bored so i figured you wanted to spar...

Enzo (Post Training) = 170

Zeno ~ Alright lets go!

Zeno (Surpressed) = 244

Enzo ~ Water Style:Water Dragon Jutsu! = 207-210

Zeno ~ Wow...that really hurt *sarcasm*

Enzo ~ How did that not hurt you?! (How is he so strong?)

Zeno (Water Style:Massive Tidal Wave) = 350-400

Enzo ~ Agh!!!

Enzo (Slightly Hurt + Byakugan) = 247

Zeno ~ Hmph...maybe your Byakugan could actually do something!

Enzo (Chidori One thousand Birds) = 308.75

Zeno (Less Surpressed) = 330

Zeno ~ Ill show you something good!

Zeno (Six Paths Sage Chakra/Surpressed ) = 2.062.5

Zeno ~ Lets stop this fight I need to tra- *BOOM* what tha!

Fight of the Century Edit

??? ~ Im looking for...Zeno

Zeno ~ Tobi...

Tobi/Evil Obito (Revived + Weakened) = 859

Zeno (Post Enzo Fight) = 647.2

Obito (Fire Style:Dancing Flame) = 1.159

Zeno (Burst Six Paths Chakra) = 1.294.4

Obito ~ Not this time...Sealing Jutsu

Zeno ~ N-Noo!

Zeno (Six Paths Chakra Sealed) = 270

Zeno ~ Shadow Clone Jutsu!

Shadow Clones = 135 each

Obito (Mangekyo Sharingan) = 1.718

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