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Cell- 950,000,000

Vegeta- 18,000,000

Trunks- 17,700,000

SSJ Vegeta- 900,000,000

SSJ Trunks- 890,000,000

ASSJ Vegeta- 1,440,000,000

Cell(max)- 975,000,000

Cell(perfect form)- 1,415,000,000

ASSJ Trunks- 1,424,000,000

USSJ Trunks- 1,593,000,000

USSJ2 Trunks- 1,691,000,000

Cell- 1,515,000,000

Buff Cell- 1,800,000,000

SSJ Goku(20%)- 1,000,000,000

SSJ Gohan(15%)- 825,000,000

SSJ Goku(50%)- 2,500,000,000

Cell Games;

SSJ Goku(50%)- 2,500,000,000

SSJ Gohan(15%)- 825,000,000

Vegeta- 40,000,000

Trunks- 35,000,000

Piccolo- 1,800,000,000

Cell(40%)- 2,500,000,000

Cell(60%)- 5,000,000,000

SSJ Goku(100%)- 5,000,000,000

SSJ Gohan(10

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