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Multipliers: Edit

Demon Form = x5 (Satan and Rin)

Berserk Demon Form = x10 (Satan and Rin)

Full Demon = x12 (Satan)

Slight Blue Flames/Half Demon Form = x2.5 (Satan and Rin)

Slight Red Flames/Half Demon Dragon Form = x2.5 (Kyoko)

Demonic Dragon Form = x5 (Kyoko Only)

Devil-Style Demon Form = x10.5 (Kyoko Only)

New Generations! Yuza's Awakening Edit

Rin Okumura (Demon Powers Hidden) = 328

Kyoko Saburo (Potential Hidden) = 10.8

Low Class Demon = 25

Kyoko Saburo (Red Flames) = 27

Rin ~ Red flames?...what are you? who are you?

Kyoko ~ I'm Kyoko Saburo! And i'm gonna be the most powerful exorcist!

Rin ~ Hmph...lets see bout that...

Satan (Human) = 1.250

Yamato (Human) (2nd Strongest in Gehenna) = 1.100

Rin ~ Come on hurry! this is a sword only ment for the son of the second strongest person in's called the Armageddon Sword

Kyoko ~ Woah...can I see it

Rin ~ Sure...but only uncap the sword when you really need to...but after you do you become a demon forever then you put the sword back to turn off your demonic powers.

Middle Class Demons = 50 Each

Kyoko (Armageddon Uncapped/Demonic Dragon Form/Still Human) = 54

Kyoko (50% Human 25% Dragon 25% Demon) = 227.5


Exorcist In Training! Edit

Kyoko (Exorcist Training) = 234

Raimon (Slightly Surpressed) = 2.000

Kyoko (Demonic Dragon Form) = 1.170

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